Social media contains many collective efforts to deconstruct the minutia of pop-culture icons. When it comes to Jerry Seinfeld, I’m but one man with one personal Waterloo : What’s his VHS collection like?

When TBS started airing a syndication of the show in High Definition it became easy to catch fleetingly clear glimpses of the finer details to set design items: fridge magnets, condiment labels, and a modest but most coveted VHS collection. Despite the fact the show has no slated Bluray release, I can’t rightly say how I managed to access these rendered screenshots from the 16:9 HD broadcast. But however you wanna slice it, I got the goods.


My access is limited to seasons 6, 8 and 9. In earlier seasons his shelf had an assortment of Re-Recordable Scotch VHS tapes. Perhaps I’ll track down those seasons and reveal the hand-written titles in a future post. For the time being, what’s on deck here? It seems that set decorators shifted things around on a whim between episodes but here is the most indelible list of his collection I believe to now exist on the world wide web:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



*Perhaps as an inside gag, masking tape partially covers the title of “Pretty Woman” so it reads as “Pretty Man”

**I postulate that the Child’s Play horror movies had a very particular influence on the show for several reasons. Thankfully, these embedded YouTube links will speak for themselves and save me from becoming pedantic…


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