Stranger Things: The Upside Down Soundtrack

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As a supplement to the recently released Original Score conducted by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, I created an Unofficial Soundtrack of 17 memorable songs used in this summer’s Netflix phenomenon, Stranger Things. It includes music from The Clash, Jefferson Airplane, Joy Division, Corey Hart, Peter Gabriel, Toto, Moby and more! I’ve managed the metadata so it’ll appear as one album in your library whether it’s iTunes or Google Play. It’s a tightly knit package that I’m proud of with Track Listings in chronological order as they appear in the show, so if you dig what I have to offer, check out my free Dropbox download link here.

In the interest of amusing the posterity of just how amazing the show is, I’m gonna share today’s upload of Netflix’ Season 2 Teaser and offer my two cents.

The words flashing on the screen have been confirmed to be 9 episode titles slated for 2017. It looks like the lineup we have to look ahead to is

  1. S02E01: MADMAX*
  4. S02E04: THE PALACE
  5. S02E05: THE STORM
  8. S02E08: THE BRAIN

*The first episode entitled MADMAX is likely going to be at the very least an homage to the 1979-1985 Mad Max film franchise. Maybe a car chase will even ensue.





Social media contains many collective efforts to deconstruct the minutia of pop-culture icons. When it comes to Jerry Seinfeld, I’m but one man with one personal Waterloo : What’s his VHS collection like?

When TBS started airing a syndication of the show in High Definition it became easy to catch fleetingly clear glimpses of the finer details to set design items: fridge magnets, condiment labels, and a modest but most coveted VHS collection. Despite the fact the show has no slated Bluray release, I can’t rightly say how I managed to access these rendered screenshots from the 16:9 HD broadcast. But however you wanna slice it, I got the goods.


My access is limited to seasons 6, 8 and 9. In earlier seasons his shelf had an assortment of Re-Recordable Scotch VHS tapes. Perhaps I’ll track down those seasons and reveal the hand-written titles in a future post. For the time being, what’s on deck here? It seems that set decorators shifted things around on a whim between episodes but here is the most indelible list of his collection I believe to now exist on the world wide web:

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*Perhaps as an inside gag, masking tape partially covers the title of “Pretty Woman” so it reads as “Pretty Man”

**I postulate that the Child’s Play horror movies had a very particular influence on the show for several reasons. Thankfully, these embedded YouTube links will speak for themselves and save me from becoming pedantic…

Gord Downie’s Jaws T-Shirt


Something about that T-shirt really clicked when Gord disrobed his jacket to reveal the iconic Jaws design of a deadly shark coming up for a kill. Without a doubt it was symbolic. Tragic as it may be, Gord kept it hip and wore it to show a sardonic, dire reminder that cancer is lurking inside and is ready to attack his brain.

I was in awe of the courage and vulnerability he displayed on stage where, if only during an interlude of the twilight of his life he had conquered the cancer in moments of exuberant revery. The lyrics “New Orleans is sinking, man and I don’t wanna swim” come to mind. When the means to end your life are at work to take you down, it takes some serious bravery to keep swimming in spite of it.

Life is the ultimate gift. Conversely, it’s a sign of enlightenment to accept the truth that it will end. I’d like to think that on August 20th, 2016 we didn’t just see Gord Downie give the performance of a lifetime. We saw him dance with, and mock the face of death itself.